Friday, January 3, 2020

Age New Wood To Look Like Old Wood

Aging New Wood

Since I get so many questions about how I stained my front doors and my kitchen island counter top, I thought I'd share my technique and products that I used in the process.   I also get a lot of  questions about our ceiling in the farmhouse so I've included that information as well.  

Fiberglass Double French Doors

I love old doors and although these are new doors, I wanted them to look aged.  

The island top was formed from 2 x 8 new pine boards.  I would have loved to build the top out of old barn wood but since I didn't have any, I decided to attempt a process to make the new wood look like old barn wood.  

The one common factor in achieving an aged look on all these surfaces is using Minwax Classic Grey Oil Based Stain!

For the Island Counter Top

I begin by distressing the wood with a hammer, nails, and screws.  I basically beat on the wood until it looked like it was old and damaged.  Remember, I wanted it to look like it was old barn wood.  


The first step is using Minwax Classic Grey Stain.  I apply the oil based stain with an absorbent cloth while wearing protective gloves!

Once the surface is covered in the grey stain, the I begin layering the Minwax Gel Stains in two - three colors. I don't wait for the oil based stain to completely dry.  I like for the grey stain to mix somewhat with the other stain colors.   My two favorites are Walnut  mixed with Aged Oak.    

I used a cloth to apply the stains and basically just blend until I'm happy with the color.  I occasionally use three colors to achieve the color combination I feel reflect old wood.  

Once I'm happy with the color, I begin to use a clean cloth to buff the surface!

Since I was looking for an aged look, I was happy that the color wasn't consistent across the surface.  Any imperfection was an added bonus! 

I let the surface completely dry for approximately a week and then apply a thin coat of Matt Polyurethane to seal the surface using a sponge roller!  

Note:  apply a very thin coat and allow to dry the exact time recommended on product instructions.  Then a second coat can be applied.   

Warning: Applying a thick coat can result in peeling and/or bubbles on the surface.  

Front Doors 

With the exception of distressing, 

I followed the exact steps above to achieve the finish on these doors.

These doors are fiberglass and stain easily.  However the material doesn't allow for distressing and doesn't absorb the stain like real wood does.  Therefore, I spent much more time achieving this aged finish than I did on the Island Counter top. 

I just applied multiple layers of stain and continued to blend them until I had a look I was happy with.  There's no exact answer to how many layers I applied. 

Because my doors get intense sun, I applied three coats of sealer over a period of a few weeks.  

The Ceiling

This ceiling is tongue and groove raw pine boards. We had originally planned to paint the ceiling solid white like the ship lap!  At the last minute, we felt it might be to much solid white and so we started practicing on some sample boards and this is what we decided to do.

The Ceiling Technique

We began with Minwax Classic Grey Stain on the entire surface.  We let the stain dry completely following the recommended drying time on the product!

We painted our ship lap walls with Benjamin Moore White Dove so we decided to use this paint to apply a dry brush technique over the entire surface.  

Dry Brush Painting is a process of applying a small amount of paint to the brush and then wiping off a good portion of the paint before applying to the wood.  You are able to see the grey stain through the white paint.  It's best to practice this technique on some sample boards to achieve the look you prefer.  

It's not necessary to apply a sealer to the ceiling.   

I hope this answers some questions about achieving an aged look for new wood.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  


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