Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How To Save Money When Decorating for Fall

Look to Nature When the Decorating Budget Dries Up!

I mean this quite literally!!!   I started my Fall decorating early.  To Early!!!!!
I purchased mum's and pumpkins to style my tables and porches.  

The problem was, we had an extremely hot beginning of Fall.  Record breaking temperatures.  The was great for our pool time but didn't work so well for my new purchases.  

So when everything burned up in the heat, I found I didn't want to spend anymore money putting my Fall decor together.  

Here are a few things I did to pull together a fully decorated porch without spending any more cash!!!

First I went out gathering.  I cut goldenrod & wheat from the pastures!  I picked a full basket of gumballs from the maple trees around the property.  

These gathered treasures began to add to my decor.  

Goldenrod looks great spilling from my market basket.

And from my farmhouse sink!  Even Rudy agrees!!

I used hot glue to attach some of the gumballs to wooden skews and made an arrangement out of them.  

I used painted tin cans filled with sage and rosemary from my yard.  I even made a wreath to place this pumpkin in by weaving the rosemary into a circle.  

More sage, rosemary and marigolds filled thrift store container's for centerpieces.  

Even vintage bottles hold natures bounty.  

The porch started with fill up with cornstalks from a neighbors field.  Since my mum's had died, I filled my containers with bundles of corn shucks instead.   

The wreaths are from Floral Treasure, a company that organically grows their own flowers and preserves them to make these wonderful wreaths.  

Only a couple of the pumpkins survived!!  The rest are FAUX.  

Faux or Real?????

Even the pier received natures bounty!!!

I used packing paper to create these nature inspired plate chargers for the screened porch.  

Mini grapevine wreaths made with grapevines pulled from the woods surrounding our property made perfect place card holders for the table inside.  Also, slightly visible is the garland made from gumballs that I strung together from my gathering.  

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive when you look to nature first.  
Best of all, most of these items can be tossed into the woods at the end of the season.  


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