Sunday, October 20, 2019

Am I Dreaming?

Dreams Really Do Come True

I never dreamed that my home would grace the cover of a national magazine!  

I began my blog to document and share our experiences of downsizing and moving to the country!  I wanted to share how my life has come full circle!  

My blog quickly lead me to Instagram!  I realized there are as a whole world that I was unaware of. A world I wanted to become a part of. 

My Journey 

As I began to build my Instagram account, I wish I could say I was an overnight success! 

Instead I worked hard to learn how to navigate this new world of Instagram!  I made a lot of mistakes but slowly began to grow my account! 

I photographed and shared my home during Christmas 2017 and fortunately these photos captured the attention of a photographer, Anne Gridley. 

And So It Began!!  

First, photos were submitted to editors and then the call came. They wanted to come in December for a Christmas Shoot!!  

After planning all summer, December 2018 finally arrived and so did the photographer’s!  

It was a day I’ll never forget. Gridley and Graves arrived on a cold and rainy, December morning!  They photographed our porches for most of the morning.  I know they were freezing.  They were so nice and we enjoyed our time with them so much!  They were here for over 10 hours and I learned so much that day!  

And then we waited!  

10 months later, the magazine finally arrived!  A very surreal moment!  Not only was my home featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine, but it made the cover!  

None of this would be possible without my friends, family and Instagram supporters encouraging me to share my home. I’m amazed daily by how generous you are with your compliments and your interest in our lives here at The Ponds Farmhouse!  You truly helped make this country girls dream come true!  

Copy’s are currently available on newsstands everywhere!
Thanks for your support!

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