Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DYI - Vintage Sign

How to create a Vintage Sign

I love vintage business signs but they are hard to find.  So I decided to make my own.  Since I was making one from scratch, the options were unlimited.  However, once I really thought about it, the sign I wanted may have never existed.  I've asked my brother's but they don't remember a sign.  

My dad built these three ponds and for a few years, had them open to the public for fishing.  The charge was $1.00.  

I can remember fishing there myself as a little girl, but not the people coming to fish.   As we have been bringing the property back to life, I thought the perfect sign would be the one that "could" have been there over 50 years ago.  

I knew a wooden sign that old had to be built from old wood and the imperfections of the wood would add to the authenticity of the sign.  

This is shiplap that was stacked in my dad's old building.  We gathered the pieces needed and washed them down.  Then we sprayed them with bug spray and let the dry.  

We cut a couple of boards from 1x4 lumber to attach to the back of the shiplap!  

Once I had the size of my sign determined, I used graph paper to draw out a design.  

I find this step very important.  Each square on the graph paper equals an inch on my board.  Therefore, I know exactly where to place each letter and how large to cut the letters.  

Next I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to design and cut my stencils for the sign.  For this project, I used card stock to cut the stencils.  I knew this was a one time project.  When cutting stencils to be used multiple times, I use stencil material instead.  

Time to paint!

My go to paint for most projects these days is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  

For this project I choose Amsterdam Green and Duck Egg

I began with Amsterdam Green and mixed the paint 50/50 with water.  

Then using a dry brush technique, I added Duck Egg over the top, leaving a lot of the green peeking through.  

In addition, I used black acrylic craft paint to add some distressing.  I used iron orchid décor large distress stamp.  These are so cool.  You just roll a small amount of paint onto the stamp and then just gently lay it on your piece and lightly press.  It leaves these perfect distress marks on the boards.  

Next stencil the lettering.  

I used the Old White Chalk paint and the black craft paint to stencil my sign.  I carefully compared my graph paper drawing to the board for placement of each letter.  Using a stencil brush, I carefully applied the stencil to my boards.  

Once the stencil was dry, I sanded the entire board, removing some paint and aging the sign even more.  I added a layer of Old White distressing using the Iron Orchid Décor Stamp.  

I still felt the lettering was to rigid, so I did some shading to the left of each letter with the black craft paint.  I accomplished this by placing the stencil over the letter again and slid it off to the left slightly.  Then I used a small brush with a dry brush technique to add the black paint.  

I again sanded the piece.  Then I added a crackle effect to the piece using another stamp (Iron Orchid Craquelure Stamp) and black craft paint.  

This is a close up of the craquelure stamp.  Isn't that great?  

I'm so happy with the results.  I truly can believe that this sign stood here over 50 years ago!!!

If I close one eye!!!  

You can also see a video version of this tutorial in my Instagram link.  Check out my archived stories on Instagram link to the right of this page.    

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