Saturday, May 19, 2018

DIY Topiaries


DIY Topiary Tutorial

 As I was planning my spring and summer porch decor, I decided that I wanted my porch to have a garden feel.   I wanted to add some fun topiaries to the design.  However, as I began to search for the perfect topiaries, I was disappointed.

Then I was walking through Hobby Lobby I spotted these cute little mini stems that I decided would make my perfect topiaries.  They were 50% off  and I also found some cute pots that were 50% off.  So this is the result of my topiary attempt.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DIY Aged Terra Cotta Pots

Love the look of old pots? 

I've been setting up my first official potting bench and decided that aged pots would look great!
Have you checked out the prices of these lovely container's?  So, I've been making my own with some trial and error.  These are some of the results and step by step instructions on my favorites.

Step one

You will need::
Clay pots
Black or Brown paint (I used graphite chalk paint by Annie Sloan)
Mod Podge
Multi-purpose glue 
moss (small bag from Hobby Lobby)
paint brush
tooth pick (to spread the glue to desired areas)
40-60 grit sandpaper