Friday, February 2, 2018

Touches of Romance

Happy February!  

Just a few pics to share how I add a little romantic feel to the house this month!

I don't add a lot of Valentines Day décor.  Just little small touches for me.  

First, my pantry door, with the chalk board section, is my go to for seasonal change.  

All I've done so far is add a heart.  That may change the closer to the big heart day we get.  

Obviously, I love decorating my doors.  Here, I've added a DIY heart garland made from vintage sheet music.  I love a story, so this sheet music caught my eye!  Someone had written the date in pencil "Sept. 1936"

I love knowing that this has been around that long.  The other thing I love about it is the name - Love and Flowers - how appropriate!!!

So I pulled out my trusty Silhouette cutting machine and proceeded to cut hearts out of the sheet music.  I was careful to include the name of the song and the hand written date.  This is what made this special to me.

Because these sheets were so fragile, I decided to use some red card stock to place behind each heart.  Then I used a large needle and some jute to sew them together.  

If you zoom in, you may be able to see the details I've described.  

They are just a subtle way to add to my décor and bring a smile to my face.

Next, I've added to some heart pillows!  These will work with any décor long after Valentines Day is over.   These are available in my shop.  Just click on SHOP to see what's still available.  

I love the simplicity of these neutral pillows.  They will work well in any décor.  

 Simple yet elegant.  

Above the Bed......

Just a few touches to the mantle shelf above the bed.  The three little hearts are actually made from wine corks.  I just used a hot glue gun and put them together.  I did cut some card board to attach to the back of the hearts!  This helps to hold them steady.  

I hope you enjoy adding little romantic touches to your home this February.  


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