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Winter Decor Tips - Beat the Winter Blah's

Winter Décor

How to decorate for winter when you have the after Christmas Blah's!

Let's put that house back together

After the holiday's it's hard to get your décor mojo back.  After all the shiny ornaments and color, everything feels dull and Blah!  

So how can you get your home back into photo worthy shape and not spend a fortune doing so?  

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for winter décor, plus a few Instagram friends shared their best ideas as well.  

One universal tip was to shop your own home.  You probably have  a pile of décor items in a closet that you stored to make room for holiday décor.  I suggest pulling everything out and think outside the box.  Don't place everything back where it was.  Open yourself to new ideas.  I love using items in unusual places.

Here,  I've gathered all my thrift store candle sticks and grouped them together in the center of the table to create a fun center piece for the dining table.  I use battery operated candles for safety!  Plus, these from Hobby Lobby have a timer, so I have them set to come on at the same time each evening.  I love the cozy, warm feel of the candle light.  My good friend   Genevieve @gracefully_home shared that her favorite way to save money on winter décor is to shop her space.  Genevieve, has such amazing décor taste and does a lot of her decorating with money saving tips.  Check out her amazing feed on Instagram.  

Greenery, Pinecones, and just plain branches from your property

It's perfectly ok to leave greenery out for the winter.  Using items that you can gather on your property to fill your container will certainly save you a lot of money.  Here is a bowl filled with cedar, holly, and pinecones, all gathered right here at the Pond's.  We are fortunate to have a lot to gather right on our property.  If you don't have natural evergreens on your property, ask a neighbor or country friend if you can cut some from their property.  Most people will be happy to share.  

I also have left magnolia branches and sticks that I cut from trees around the property.  Another suggestion that makes these arrangements look more wintery is to spray paint the branches and pinecones white.  This suggestion was shared by my friend  Kristina @shebuildsglamfarm - be sure to check her out for more inspiration.   

Here is another idea that I've used for the past few years.  I fill containers full of cut boxwood.  If you place it in an area that will be not be disturbed regularly, it will last and look great for months.  I have found that cutting the boxwood in fall and winter works best.  When I've cut in the summer months, it doesn't stay green as long.  

  I also cut fresh herbs and place in containers to add natural fresh scents to my rooms.  

Leave out that holiday décor (or some of it)

I usually don't put all holiday décor away the day after Christmas.  There are many items that I feel have a winter feel.   This was a suggestion shared with me by @farmhousefixer  - be sure to check out their amazing ideas on instagram!  So leave out those snowmen, snow flakes, deers, wreaths, etc.  Items that say winter but not so much Christmas!  

Use dried, faux, and bulb flowers in winter décor

My friend Jane @gritantiques is an amazing photographer and her tip was to use dried flowers in your winter décor.  Here is one of Jane's amazing photo's and I love how she's displayed the dried flowers on this chair back.  This has inspired me to dry my flowers this coming summer.  You'll love checking out Jane's vintage finds and photography.

Another great idea is using faux flowers during the winter months.  Here my friend Annella @farmhousefix displays a faux topiary and a touch of red with her faux flowers to bring together a winter entry.  So beautiful.    
Check out Annella's feed for more décor inspiration.  

Here is an idea that I've done in the past but I didn't even think about doing so this year.  Thanks to Lori @bittersweetandbloom , I will be adding this to my winter décor.  I love the look of forced bulbs in winter.  So head over and check out Lori's inspiring feed.

I hope this has inspired you to add winter touches to your home décor.  Have fun playing with things that you have around the house and message me on Instagram @rahrags with your fun ideas.    

Happy Winter!
Rachel @rahrags

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