Thursday, August 17, 2017

DIY Outdoor Shower

 As we were planning our farmhouse, one item on our wish list was an outdoor shower.  When we are in the middle of projects here at the Ponds, we can get pretty dirty.  We have previously been known to use a hose to shower off before going inside.  So an outdoor shower sounded like heaven to us.  We decided to have the plumbing ran for the shower while the plumbers were here during the construction phase of our home.  However, we decided that we wanted to build the shower ourselves.  So we moved in with just a shower head outside of the house.  Needless to say we didn't use it at all last fall.
This past spring we started the planning of our shower.  Note:  We have an outdoor shower at the beach which we also love.  The shower at the beach is small and has a door.  Since we are not real professional builder's we decided to design a shower without a door.  However, we wanted privacy while showering.  The solution was a privacy wall within the shower.  It has been so convenient to just walk right in.
We used treated lumber and started with a deck style platform built low to the ground.  We used concrete deck blocks to support the 4x4 posts and buried them level with the ground.  This helped to keep the platform level.  We spaced the boards with a small gap, so the water could drain to the ground.  We used 4x4 treated posts for each corner of the structure and one in between the longest wall.  We used 7 4x4 posts total.  Then we used 2/4's to attached them together.  One at the top, middle and bottom.  We left the bottom board about 8 inches off the floor.  We had custom metal sheeting cut to size for the walls.  The whole process only took my husband and I two days to complete.

The one thing I highly recommend is making sure that the posts and floor is level.  We would attach and then check to be sure everything was still level.  Then repeat.  I'm sorry that I don't have pictures of the process.  We get so caught up in our projects that we forget to stop and take picture.

The structure is very simple and hopefully you can see the details in the finished product.

I naturally had to style the shower before I'd put any photo's out there.  I just love old galvanized buckets and enamel ware so those were my go to items.  Plus, a few other metal items that would hold up the outdoor elements.  Once the shower was completed, we have rarely used our indoor baths.  We love using the outdoor shower so much, I don't know what we'll do when fall rolls around again.
We have also just added a pool!  The outdoor shower is getting even more use now.  Our guest get to enjoy using it to shower off after enjoying the pool.  We are loving the country life.

Materials used - Exact amount will depend on your shower size

4x4 treated posts
1x6 treated planks
2x4 treated boards
concrete deck blocks (click for link)
galvanized tin custom cut for the project
screws (both wood and metal)
a level
drill bit for pilot holes

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