Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How to use faux flowers successfully.

I like nothing better than real flowers.  This is my time of year with all the fresh blooms and buds.  With that being said, it can be really hard and expensive to have fresh flowers around your home year round.  What I like to do is use as many fresh and real stems as possible but incorporate faux stems into the mix. I don't mix together in the same arrangement, but in separate containers.   I feel that when you mix it up, it's hard to tell which are the real deal and which are fake.

Here are a few area's that I've mixed.  See if you can tell the real from the faux. 

Here I have a mix of lavender, magnolia, tulips and button bush.  Unless you are making an up close inspection, you really can't tell the tulips are faux. 

Here is another shot of my front porch.  In this shot, only the stems in the large galvanized bucket are faux.  I feel these stems look as though they could have been cut from a blooming fruit tree. 
When making my faux purchases, I look for as many authentic flowers as possible.  I also try to stay true to the color of real flowers.  You rarely see a deep purple rose for example.   

Here is another example of real and faux.  The stems on the washer are real and I've placed some faux stems on top of the cabinet.  If you can't reach an area that you want to brighten with some flowers, it's best to us faux.  Also, this pic was taken early in the spring when the daffodils were in full bloom here in the south.  These are real, but I could have used faux at that time of year.  I would hesitate to use faux daffodils after the season is past.  Most people in your area will immediately realize they are faux because it's the wrong time of year to have fresh cut daffodils or whichever flower you are displaying in your home. 

Another area that I've found I prefer faux in around my bed. 
These roses are above my bed.  I really don't want water above the bed so I opted for faux stems. 

This is one of my favorite arrangements of spring stems from earlier this spring.  I just loved how fresh and clean this arrangement looked.  Once the flowers were beyond saving, I didn't want to give up this fun look so I went to Hobby Lobby.  With this arrangement in mind, I looked for spring type stems to fill my enamelware pot.  The picture below is the result of that trip. 
They will look this good all summer long. 

Simple rules for faux stems:
Choose authentic looking stems
Mix with real flowers when possible but in separate arrangements
Display what is currently blooming even if they are faux

Have fun displaying your real and faux stems!!

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