Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How exciting for everyone to get what they want.

As we were drawing the plans for our forever home, we made a list of priorities that each of felt we couldn't live without.  (I'll go into more of the list at another time.)  However, high on my husbands list was a TV, entertainment room.  Since we were not planning a basement, his solution was a loft.  I was resistant to this idea because of the wasted space.  Finally he convinced me that a barn like feel would be just what we needed.  So we settled on the idea of a loft area.  We made sure the area was large enough for our leather sectional sofa  and we also decided to add a 1/2 bath for convenience.  My priority quickly moved to making sure the railings had an industrial feel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                So we opted for custom steel railings, painted black.
In our previous home, we had a wet/bar in our bonus/TV room.  This was not a priority for either of us in this house.  However, once we had moved in, we decided a small bar area in the loft would be great for storing some of our bar collectibles.  As with most of our ideas, we wanted something unique, to fill this job.  We found two vintage metal hospital carts that had been painted white.  We didn't have a real plan for them, but felt they would be perfect.

We wanted a more industrial look for the cabinets so we painted them a gunmetal gray and the hardware black.   We also wanted a longer bar area, so we removed the tops from the cabinets and attached brackets to the sides allowing us to used the tops as shelves.  We then joined some barn wood planks together for the top of the bar.  A couple of metal pipes and another piece of barn wood, gave us a small raised shelve on top of the bar.  
We love the finished bar.

Now, on to something I wanted.  As we had been looking around for fun, authentic items to complete our farmhouse look, I had seen a few chicken nesting boxes for sale.  I just loved how they looked!  I knew I could do something really cool, if I just had one.  I commented to my husband that I'd love to have one and he was not excited about the idea.  His response was "what in the world would you do with something like that".   So I didn't get a nesting box, but still thought they were really cool.  Then one day I was scrolling through Instagram and fell in love with an account because everything in her house was so authentic and perfect.  She had a nesting box displayed beautifully in her dining area.  Once I showed my husband the photo's, he was on board too.   
So, I began searching once again for a nesting box.  Naturally, now I couldn't seem to find one anywhere.  But finally, I saw an add on Craig's list and was able to secure my nesting box.  I was so excited that I purchased two!  I knew I'd find a use for them.  One I used in my shop right away.  See previous post.  I brought the other one home and it sat in my carport for about a month.  I thought I knew exactly where I was going to use it, but for some reason just hadn't gotten around to hanging it.   Then inspiration hit and I told my husband we needed to use it over our bar.  We immediately started cleaning all the crusty junk off and hung it on the wall.  We are so happy with the results.  It's a perfect fit and now we are both doing a happy dance, because we both got what we wanted.  
I hand stenciled the sign on an old pallet board.  It says "Welcome to the Coop" .
The Vintage Stereoscope Viewer cards, we inherited from my father-in-law.  We do have the viewer that goes with the cards.  We feel it all came together beautifully and we are both happy to have such a fun, interesting place to hang out.  Hope this inspires you to do something interesting in your home. 

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  1. good morning, i love your home! I have enjoyed following you and your stories on Instagram so I can get a glimpse of your beautiful home. The size is perfect & bringing the outdoors in!

    So happy for you and I'm sure you're making wonderful memories


  2. Thanks so much Jane for those sweet comments. We are loving pulling everything together.


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