Friday, March 10, 2017

We love the outdoor life, especially eating outdoors!

We love the view from the original cabin on the property, but the cabin was in such bad shape when we got the property, we considered tearing it down.   The roof had fallen down and the windows were broken out.  The cost to replace these items was more than the structure was worth.  As we began to clean up, we came up with an idea to save the old cinder block cabin.  We chose to remove the majority of the front and add a pergola cover for the top.  This was going to become our outdoor kitchen.  My husband loves to grill and experiment with all types of outdoor cooking!  Which I love, because I don't want to cook.  We love to entertain and decided this would make a great area for our friends to gather.  Here are a couple shots of the area before any cleanup. 
Destroyed Cabin - This photo from previous blog post

We cleared all the overgrown trees and brush from the area.  My husband did most of the clean up inside the building and knocked out the cinder blocks that needed removing from the front.  Because of the original ceiling height, we added post and lattice to the top to raise the height.  Then, my husband installed the treated beam and post himself.  We then painted it inside and out a pale blue/gray color.  It was amazing how much of the pink original color remained.  At the time, we added pavers in front of the building for a seating area.  We later had a concrete pad poured from the building to the pond.  We also decided to add a fire pit.  This was the perfect feature for our space.  When our friends gather, everyone ends up cozy around the fire!  Plus...  roasted marshmallows have become a tradition here at the ponds. 
Here are some shots of the project just after completion. 

Notice the old screen door over the counter inside the kitchen!  This was the original screen door that my dad built for the cabin.  You can see it hanging from it's hinges in the previous destroyed cabin photo. 
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