Saturday, March 18, 2017

I love how amazing this faux shiplap looks.

When I ran across this nesting box, I decided I wanted to use it in my little mini-shop to display the farmhouse wares that I had been working on.  I knew it would require some rearranging and I felt that shiplap walls would be just the ticket.  The thought of cutting the wood and installing was daunting in itself.  Not to mention to cost.  So I did a little more research and found that some very creative ladies had just taped off the lines and painted with black paint.  A much more cost effective choice.   As I was getting all my trusty tools together, I realized that I would need a pretty massive amount of painter's tape.  This stuff isn't cheap either.  Keep in mind that this space is a rental and I would be covering over a lot of the walls with this nesting box and other items for sale.  Then I thought, why not just draw the lines on with a sharpie marker.  I decided I'd just give it a try in a non conspicuous space.  I was amazed at how great it looks.  As you've noticed, if you've read any of my blog, I have the real deal in my home.  There are no perfect lines in real shiplap.  Some spaces between the boards are wider and some more narrow.  There is a lot of imperfection and a lot of character.  So it was easy to create faux lines with a marker and if I made a mistake, that is just the charm of shiplap.  To see all the instructions on how easy and cheap this technique is, go to my page DIY projects.

Friday, March 10, 2017

We love the outdoor life, especially eating outdoors!

We love the view from the original cabin on the property, but the cabin was in such bad shape when we got the property, we considered tearing it down.   The roof had fallen down and the windows were broken out.  The cost to replace these items was more than the structure was worth.  As we began to clean up, we came up with an idea to save the old cinder block cabin.  We chose to remove the majority of the front and add a pergola cover for the top.  This was going to become our outdoor kitchen.  My husband loves to grill and experiment with all types of outdoor cooking!  Which I love, because I don't want to cook.  We love to entertain and decided this would make a great area for our friends to gather.  Here are a couple shots of the area before any cleanup. 
Destroyed Cabin - This photo from previous blog post

Sunday, March 5, 2017

I'll admit to a little "old" farmhouse envy!

When my husband and I began making plans to marry, we also began looking at old houses to buy and renovate.  One such house was a beautiful 2 story white farmhouse with a wrap around porch.  It had a gorgeous site with large oak trees.  It was perfect.  However, it came with 100 acres of land. Today it would be a steal, but at that time, we just couldn't afford it.  We also looked at a primitive farmhouse that would need to be moved to a new location.  For a young couple, only 20 and 22 at the time, these fixer uppers started to seem daunting.  So long story short, we did the traditional thing and built a small little house on a small lot in a neighborhood.  Time went on and we moved into a larger home and then we built our then dream house just over 20 years ago.  We had never given up the idea of that old house so we used a few antique pieces in the construction.   Once again, the cost factor and fear made us cautious about using to much of a good thing. 

My dad was a farmer and had several acres of pasture land.  Before I was born he had built 3 beautiful ponds with a small cabin and it was a beautiful site.  My husband and I had always loved this spot, never dreaming that one day it would be ours.  Once it was, we spent over 8 years working on the property to bring it back to it's former glory. 
Original cabin on property photo circa 1957 
What the cabin looked like as we began to clean up the property. 
We decided to turn this spot into an outdoor kitchen. (more on that later) 

We then decided to downsize and move to the country.  My dream would have been to have an old farmhouse to fix up.  I dream of old hardwood flooring, old shiplap walls, everything old and authentic.  However, that was not to be.  So we decided to build a new - old farmhouse.  We were fortunate to have a contractor who was willing to install old doors, light fixtures, etc.  When we started construction, we actually had a hard time finding SHIPLAP!  Don't these people watch Fixer Upper?  Now that construction is complete, I see shiplap at Lowes. 

Our new old farmhouse