Monday, February 6, 2017

Save money by making a DIY throw

Last week I decided to browse a few websites to see what was trending in fashion and home décor.  I ran across a really lovely throw from anthropologie that would be perfect for my bedroom.  The price tag ($98.00) was more than I wanted to pay so I wondered if I could make one myself.  I came up with a plan and here is the finished throw. 
I love how it matches my décor perfectly. Here's how I accomplished making this lovely throw for less than $15.00.   I purchased a drop cloth from Walmart paint department then washed and dried.  The result was a very soft fabric.  I then cut to size (50x70) and hemmed the raw edges with a top stitch on my sewing machine.  I then went to my trusty Silhouette Cameo and created two different stencils and proceeded to cut the stencils on a reusable stencil material.  I had three colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that would work great for my bedroom décor. (note: I'm not including the cost of the paint as I already had the paint left over from previous projects and it only took a tiny amount of each to stencil the whole project)   I started by stenciling the long edges of the throw and then began in the middle, working out in both directions to fill in the pattern.  I tried to keep the lines straight by measuring between each stencil as I went across.  Once I was finished with the stenciling and it was dry, I added handmade pompoms to the short edges.  I used grey yarn that I had purchased for a previous project.  The yarn was purchased from Hobby Lobby using my 40% off coupon so I paid approx. $3.00 for the yarn.  I used a bangle bracelet to wrap the yarn to create the pompoms.  Then I used a heavy duty thread to hand stitch them to the throw. 
Here is the $98.00 throw.  The colors are beautiful, but the more muted shade works better in my room. 
Here is my handmade throw on my bed. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about my process. 

Material purchased:
Painter's drop cloth (wash & dry) - I had enough fabric left over to make three large pillows. 
Stencil material
Things I had from previous projects
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (French Linen, Duck Egg & Aubusson Blue)
Bangle Bracelet for wrapping the pompoms
Silhouette Cameo Machine ( you can purchase ready made stencils that would work)
Stenciling brush
Wax Paper (I lined my table with this to prevent the paint from coming through the fabric and damaging the table)
Quilting Thread & Needle
Sewing Machine - you could use fabric glue to turn the edges under and secure. 

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