Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weird how I amaze myself all the time.

This is my first blog post and I have no idea what I'm doing or where this is going to end up.  But here goes.  I apologize in advance if this doesn't look professional.  I love finding trash that I can turn into a treasured item.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered these beauties! 

 You have to realize that I'm currently obsessed with anything galvanized.  I'm washing these tin cans and preparing them for the recycle bin, when I realized they actually look really good! I'm sure I could upcycle them for some crazy use.  I loved the color and realized I wouldn't need to paint them.  I just filled them with some boxwood cuttings and surprise, surprise!  I placed them in my window over my farmhouse sink.   I'm really in love with this look.  I couldn't get a good photo at the window, but they look pretty good on my island as well. 

Just to prove my obsession with old rusty galvanized items, I want to share another of my latest finds.  I was hiking in the woods and noticed something just off the road that caught my eye.  It looked galvanized and rusty so I went to explore.  What did my wandering eye behold, but a rusty old wash bucket that had been buried for who knows how long.  Most people would have left it in the woods, but not I!  I carried it home, hoping I wouldn't cut myself on the rusty edges and need a tetanus shot.  I was so excited I sent a text picture to my husband and I could tell by his reply that he was super excited! Not!

The question was trash or treasure? I loved the colors and no bottom was no problem.  I'm putting it on the ground in my yard and filling it with flowers.  I just know that this spring and summer it is going to look beautiful with flowers over flowing.  If I find that this post actually makes it online, I will post pictures this spring of my end result. 

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