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If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love my vintage finds and love to style my home with them.  It's not always possible or practical to use vintage 100% of the time.  Plus, I've collected all my life.  If you are searching for just the right thing to add to your decor, I have found some items that I use in my styling and some that are good replicas of vintage finds that I have within my home.  Here are some available links that will you can use to check out these items.  

Disclosure:  This blog features affiliate links to products from online retailers and affiliate networks.  By purchasing an item through a link on this site, a small commission could be paid by the retailer to the blog owner.  Many items I feature, I have purchased for use within my own home or it is similar to a vintage item I own.
  Any opinions posted about an item are my own.

Here are lights similar or like those I used in my house.

Master Bath                                                                 Guest Bath


Screened Porch

I'm currently looking for a metal window box and these are my favorites so far.


This first welcome basket is the same one I've used on my porch this spring.  I also like the look of the lighter one but have not seen it personally.


I'm loving these mini tulips.  They look so real.  I'm using them all over the house this spring.



I've had a lot of questions about my vintage needle point birds.  They are obviously one of a kind, but you can create a similar look using vintage prints such as these.

This is not the same bedspread that I have in my guest room.  But it is a similar one. Please read the reviews as I've not seen this actual item.

Here are some product links for items that we used in our home construction.

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