Friday, February 16, 2018

DIY Hutch Makeover

From Blah to Farm style!

The search for the perfect size hutch is finally over.   My daughter has a very limited amount of space for a hutch in her dining room.  With a limited budget, we have been searching thrift stores for months to find the perfect piece.  

Not many people would walk past this lovely hutch!  But the "before" was a different story.   The piece was very dated and the glass shelves were missing.  However, it was a solid wood piece and the price was perfect.  

Only $50.00  SCORE

Here is the after!  

1.  We removed all the doors and used wood filler to fill all the holes.  
2.  Next, we cut two board's to replace the glass shelves.  
3.  Since the piece had a dark stain, we stained the new shelves with a dark stain first.  
4.  We removed the hardware from the drawer's and used a black spray paint to paint them.  
5.  While they were drying, we painted the entire piece with Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
6.  After applying two coats of paint, we used a sanding block for a little distressing.  
7.  We then used Clear wax over the entire piece.  
8.  We added the hardware back to the drawer's and attached the new shelves.


What I look for when shopping thrift stores

When searching for furniture at thrift stores, I look for a good solid build.  Solid wood pieces always get a second look.  If the style is dated, I try to look beyond the details.  They can always be changed.  Doors and trim work can always be removed or replaced.  
If the color isn't something I like, it can also be changed. (paint, paint, paint)
Most importantly the price.  Some item's are good deals and some are just OK.  Usually a piece with some damage will be a better deal.  This hutch was in perfect condition except for missing shelves.  Fortunately, the missing shelves brought the price down.  
I once received a $75.00 discount on an antique mirror because one of the mirror panes was cracked.  It cost $5.00 to get a new piece of mirror cut.  SCORE!!!
Lesson learned.......
So don't walk away from a damaged piece, it could turn into the perfect piece!  

Happy Thrift Store Shopping.  



Wood filler
Gel Stain
Sanding Block
Black Spray Paint
Chalk Paint
Clear Wax
Screw Driver
Drop Cloth

Friday, February 2, 2018

Touches of Romance

Happy February!  

Just a few pics to share how I add a little romantic feel to the house this month!

I don't add a lot of Valentines Day décor.  Just little small touches for me.  

First, my pantry door, with the chalk board section, is my go to for seasonal change.  

All I've done so far is add a heart.  That may change the closer to the big heart day we get.  

Obviously, I love decorating my doors.  Here, I've added a DIY heart garland made from vintage sheet music.  I love a story, so this sheet music caught my eye!  Someone had written the date in pencil "Sept. 1936"

I love knowing that this has been around that long.  The other thing I love about it is the name - Love and Flowers - how appropriate!!!

So I pulled out my trusty Silhouette cutting machine and proceeded to cut hearts out of the sheet music.  I was careful to include the name of the song and the hand written date.  This is what made this special to me.

Because these sheets were so fragile, I decided to use some red card stock to place behind each heart.  Then I used a large needle and some jute to sew them together.  

If you zoom in, you may be able to see the details I've described.  

They are just a subtle way to add to my décor and bring a smile to my face.

Next, I've added to some heart pillows!  These will work with any décor long after Valentines Day is over.   These are available in my shop.  Just click on SHOP to see what's still available.  

I love the simplicity of these neutral pillows.  They will work well in any décor.  

 Simple yet elegant.  

Above the Bed......

Just a few touches to the mantle shelf above the bed.  The three little hearts are actually made from wine corks.  I just used a hot glue gun and put them together.  I did cut some card board to attach to the back of the hearts!  This helps to hold them steady.  

I hope you enjoy adding little romantic touches to your home this February.  


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter Decor Tips - Beat the Winter Blah's

Winter Décor

How to decorate for winter when you have the after Christmas Blah's!

Let's put that house back together

After the holiday's it's hard to get your décor mojo back.  After all the shiny ornaments and color, everything feels dull and Blah!  

So how can you get your home back into photo worthy shape and not spend a fortune doing so?  

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for winter décor, plus a few Instagram friends shared their best ideas as well.  

One universal tip was to shop your own home.  You probably have  a pile of décor items in a closet that you stored to make room for holiday décor.  I suggest pulling everything out and think outside the box.  Don't place everything back where it was.  Open yourself to new ideas.  I love using items in unusual places.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bedroom Holiday Decor

Master Bedroom

Although my décor is normally very neutral in color, during the holiday's I decided to add a pop of red to the décor.  

I added hand painted pillows trimmed with red and crème ticking fabric to add a festive feel to the bedding.

You can obviously see which side of the bed is mine!!  

Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas in the Country!

Merry Christmas! 
I'm finally finished decorating for Christmas!!! From the Ponds to your home, here is a tour of our porches this year!  


 We had a little snow over the weekend to add to the festive feel around here. I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but I just had to share with you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Decor Tour

 Welcome to my first Fall Décor Tour.  One year ago, we had just moved into the farmhouse, so decorating for fall included simple décor choices.  This year my choices were a bit more intentional.  I'm not a huge Halloween fan, so my fall décor consists of items that will carry me through to Thanksgiving. This includes items like pumpkins, fall leaves and stems,  acorns, pinecones and cattails.  I wanted to keep my choices neutral, so most of my pumpkins are white or pale blue.  I did use a few pops of orange because you must have a few authentic looking pumpkins.  I really don't remember seeing white pumpkins as a child, however I'm very attracted to them now. With that being said, I do strive for authenticity, so I must included the original color of pumpkins as well.   One of my recent finds is a wooden encyclopedia box that still has the shipping label from 1951 attached.  I decided to use it front and center of my fall décor.  So I filled it with an ironstone pitcher and ironstone platter, some old books, a variety of faux fall stems, some rolled music sheets and of coarse a few pumpkins.   This all came together to create the center piece for my coffee table.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Why we do the things we do! "The Ponds" Tour

I just wanted to share this morning a little of our journey while renovating the place we call home "The Ponds".  You may wonder what motivates us to keep adding on to this property.  Since we began this journey, we've built a pier with a gazebo, developed an outdoor kitchen area, built a stage, built our home, and most recently added a pool.  Just our porch alone can accommodate 25 - 30 people.  So why have we done this?  Because there's nothing we love more than to be surrounded by our family and friends.  I have never understood people who have lovely homes and never share them with others.  We are so motivated to create a space where everyone that we cherish in our lives, can come and enjoy each other.  I'm taking you on a tour of our property and some of the things we've done to create a space that other's can enjoy.
This is a recent pic of the house & pool!

We began our journey 10 years ago and I've shared some of the before photo's and stories in previous posts.  One of the things we did right from the beginning was create an outdoor kitchen area.